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As a long term site owner I have personally spent the last 10 years switching between all the top paid dating software scripts out there. Each one had its own personal challenges. The two hardest things when switching to new software is transitioning your database data to be compatible with the new scripts structure and then customising the script to best suit the look and feel of your website. 

Doing these customisations took time and money which in the end was wasted really. Upon trying out the last major paid dating software on the market in 2019 I decided to give up on it and finally start the process of writing my own php dating website script. The first few months where a bit rocky and I scrapped my idea and started from scratch again. 

This was the birth of MyDatingScript. 1.5 years later working on this project part time I have the software running on my own site. While rough around the edges this is the time now where it can really take on its true form. I want the community to help shape its future and offer the script free to use. The community forum will be a place for not just the development and shaping the future of this php dating script but will also be a place for developers to share ideas and collaborate together. 

I have big plans for my Dating Script in the future which I will keep as a surprise for the future but rest assured the future plan I have will not only help you launch your own php dating website but will also ensure you succeed in doing so. There have been many out there who have tried and given up all because of bloated software and a lack of community support. There was one major paid script that did not even have its own members area where you had to email them to get a link to download the script. 

So if you are interested in starting your own dating website now or in the future, come and join us and become a part of the journey. 

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